Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How do you explain Ed Camp?

Last year the first Ed Camp in Renfrew County occurred.

clip art of a question markOne of the great things about something new is that it is often brand new for everyone. Some of us had had the opportunity to attend Ottawa's Ed Camp (you can check out their Twitter here) but for most of us, the concept of "Ed Camp" was a completely new.

After Ed Camp Renfrew County we asked campers to complete a feedback form for us. We asked the question, "If you could tell someone about your Ed Camp experience, what would you tell them?"

We asked this question in hopes that there would be a second Ed Camp (and hopefully many more) and we could use these ideas to help explain Ed Camp to others. These are some of the responses we received from last year's campers:
  • The EdCamp format is unique, democratic, and promotes genuine dialog. I particularly enjoy the way colleagues, from a variety of different roles, discussed matters that are important to the participants.
  • Go with your questions, problems and ideas of how you would like to use technology in your job. One, some or all of your questions will be addressed during the day as the sessions and schedule emerge from the collective queries of those who attend.
  • Great opportunity to mix with other educators and discuss strategies to better our own teaching practices. I learned a lot!
  • I would tell them that it was a neat way to become involved in rich discussions about modern education practices with educators of all ages.
  • It was a great source of professional development, sharing ideas, and learning some perspectives and strategies from other professionals. I would definitely recommend it.
  • A wonderful way for informal learning - where one has the opportunity to ask questions, suggest ideas, lead a discussion, make comments, or just listen.......

Curious about what your Ed Camp experience will be? Click here to register for #EdCampRC.

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